Well hello there! I am Erik, and this is blog.

This blog is fucking shit, but it's also fucking shit. Come enjoy some fucking shit, it's great.

Do not question the content you may find here, if it's here, it's because I want it to be, and that's about as much of an explanation I have, judge me all you want, I'm okay with wasting my time with this, so it's really just a matter if you are too.

If you have a lot of time to waste, check out the fabulous tunes tag, because music is just great, and there's a lot of interesting stuff in there from time to time of all genres.

Feel free to ask me things, send me things, yell at me, start dumb conversations, whatever you like, I like friends, I'm just a dink and rarely initiate things myself..

Also, since hearing from multiple people both irl and on here, to be 100% clear, my url reads Sergeant Leprosy, sorry for being confusing, not changing it tho <3 Anywho..





"nerd" and"loser" were like hard hitting insults in the early 2000’s and now they are used as affectionate terms we have truly come full circle

Sorry, but no, we did a 180. A full circle would mean we went back to them as insults



the fact that there are no leaked nudes on my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people